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Very proud to have won an AILA Victoria Award in the 2019 Playspaces Category for George Pentland Botanic Gardens!

Thanks to Frankston City Council, Damian Vick, Allplay, Glascott Constructions. Also to ACLA and Ric McConaghy who did the initial work on the project for Council.


We're delighted to be partnering with Carbon Neutral Pty Ltd to revegetate the Australian landscape. This financial year, we were able to contribute a further 495 trees, bringing our total to 795!

This year, they are planting in the WA wheatbelt (click here to see exactly where).


After many years in development, the playspace at George Pentland Botanic Gardens, Frankston, is open! Great to see so many people there enjoying themselves. Looking forward to the planting coming in autumn, which will make a huge difference to the feel of the space.

Stay posted for updates...


Installation at Cardigan Village has started! Painted sections were completed last week, and today the crane arrives to move the large boulders from Pyrenees Quarry. 


Katherine was delighted to team up with Elizabeth from Bricolage Design to attend Knox City Council's National Tree Day planting. Great to see so many people there, committed to improving our local environment.



We are in the news! 

Following our appointment to design and construct a public art installation at Cardigan Village, the Ballarat Courier carried this story:

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