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George Pentland Botanic Gardens playspace

Winner of the AILA Victoria Playspace Award 2019

George Pentland Botanic Gardens are a green haven of native plants within the suburban landscape. 

Leaf Design Studio worked with artist Damian Vick and playground manufacturer Allplay to develop a striking botanical centrepiece to the playspace:  Sprout.

Building on the wonderful nature play already existing on the site through the established trees, a large sandpit was developed, and tethered ropes, which the children are able to move: continually changing the play available.

To encourage social play, a large Viking Swing, net seesaw and accessible carousel were included, which allow everyone to play co-operatively. 

A stone storytelling circle incorporates a kinetic audio unit, on which stories recorded by the Bunurong Land Council are always available to visitors, deepening their connection and understanding of indigenous culture.

This playspace was the winner of the AILA Victoria Playspace Award for 2019



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