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Design is design is design...

At Leaf Design Studio, we are motivated by great design. 


We also believe that design is more fluid than is often supposed: the ability to think creatively, refine and implement that thinking applies just as much to Industrial Design, as to Landscape Architecture or graphic design. 


Knowing how things are made and how people use spaces and objects allows us to create comfortable, engaging and appropriate things for those people. We think about all the people who might use something: not just able bodied adult people.





















Potter handcrafting vessel

We appreciate the soul left in handmade and bespoke things - it's about care, and time, and pride of craftsmanship.


We acknowledge that great design is often built around a framework of constraints. The skill is in seeing which are real, and which are just pre-conceptions or blind spots. Quirky, delightful and suprising solutions are a joy.

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