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Cardigan Village


Cardigan Village is home to about 450 residents on the outskirts of Ballarat. It was established in the 70s, with all the positivity and optimism of the period.

At the crossover between placemaking and public art, this space designed and constructed by Katherine Masiulanis embeds local stories to enliven the local community centre.

Three main story threads weave into this space. Firstly the birds, which are both a literal representation of the flocks which travel between Lakes Wendouree and Burumbeet, and also the travel of indigenous people along the same route.  As a ‘dormitory’ town, local people also come home to nest in town each night.

The distinctive geology is referenced in the volcanic elements, and also the inclusion of a central fire hearth of Silurian sandstone.

Striking seventies graphics brighten the imposing brick walls of the courtyard, and are overlaid by mirror-finish stainless steel designs. 

Constructed by Leafing, Rock Martin, Pyrenees Quarries, Arcadia Landscapes and Scott Rossiter.

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