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Community Collaboration

Working with communities is at the heart of what we do. 

Whether that is a school, historical society, sporting club, group of residents or however people are drawn together, we embrace the stories and knowledge that people bring to each project.

We believe that everyone is creative.  We are happy to work with groups to construct and install a robust artwork of their own. Alternatively, we can bring together ideas from a group into a single artwork which Leafing will install, which can be particularly useful when members are skilled in media that will not withstand the rigours of a public environment, such as works on paper, writing, or poetry.

Professional Collaboration

We have built a strong network of other artists and fabricators, and we delight in working together to bring your ideas to life. Each highly skilled in their own discipline, they allow us to create almost anything you can dream of.

Our talented collaborators include painters, colour consultants, steel fabricators, sculptors and ceramicists.


Simple engraved bricks record kindergarten children's ideas about fairies in their park.

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